Daily Foot in Face: Dani Demonika stepping on Marla’s forehead!

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Skull pressure!


In this delightful shot, Dani bullies the smaller woman by stepping right on her forehead and pinning her head down hard to the floor. The grimace on Marla’s face tells the whole story: she’s just coping with the weight and astonished at how much pressure there is on her head. This match was a pleasure to film. It’s a perfect example of a squash match, in which one wrestler completely dominates another.



Dani Demonika destroys Marla with her bare feet!

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This match happened fairly recently. Marla was an up and coming young wrestler who’d proven herself in two matches against me. She’d managed to outwrestle me (I’m a moderately good wrestler with a minor judo background) on the mat and then set to work indulging some of her kinks on me, as she’d been told she could do without being disqualified. She’d stepped all over me and used me for a rug for the last half of the match. She’d become a little overconfident and asked for a match against a woman, the biggest one I had on my roster.

That woman was Dani, a gothic princess type who’s very nice if you know her personally but hell to wrestle if you’re not her friend. She has given me the worst beatings I’ve ever had from a wrestler in this little league. Luckily, she’s a little self-conscious about beating up other women, so she went a little easy on Marla when Marla showed up to wrestle Dani at Dani’s apartment. I filmed the whole thing.

Dani and Marla in the first ten seconds of their match

As you can see, Dani isn’t a slow starter in a typical match. Marla is a decent wrestler, but this match watched like a grownup wrestling a child. Dani’s usual ploy is to wrestle her opponent to the mat and then use her weight on the person to keep them there while she lays in some ground and pound on them. Here she’s in such complete control from the start that she begins to toy with Marla immediately. She sat on poor Marla and began to humiliate her by stretching her very pretty young face until she cried out in pain and anger. Marla was fuming mad at Dani for the total lack of respect she was being shown and fought hard to get up off the mat. She never made it, though.

Dani getting up off the mat but leaving her foot on her opponent's face

Dani actually stood up from the mat by pushing up with only one foot on the floor and the other foot still planted right on poor Marla’s face. You can see Marla’s predicament below. She not making any headway at all in the match thus far.

As Dani rises from the floor, her foot never leaves her opponent's face!

I don’t want to do Marla, a decent wrestler, any discredit by showing too much of the abuse she took. Doing so would give you the wrong impression, that she’s a wimp, and a cake walk for any opponent. Over the course of weeks of following this blog, you’ll see the story of Dani start to emerge as one of supremely brutal wrestler and total diva who loves nothing more than to show off her ability by wrestling the most one-sided matches she can.

No, instead I’d rather be kind to Marla and just show you one selected moment from the match that shows how high the stakes can get in a match, especially if you’re no longer putting up much of a fight.

Dani looking for a double reverse fish hook on Marla. Not a pretty move to have used on you.

As you can see, Marlas arms are limp and she’s long since ceased to defend herself effectively. Dani had been sitting on her chest for almost a minute, keeping her from breathing. Dani could easily have pinned Marla after half a minute of sitting on her, but instead she decided to apply one of her favourite torture holds, the double reverse fish hook. It’s a simple hold in which Dani straddles her opponent sitting on them backwards, and then bends her knees to get her feet into her opponents face. Then, with a little groping around her opponent’s face and lips, she sinks both of her big toes into the corners of the opponent’s mouth and immobilizes the head with all her leg strength, pinning the head to the mat. It’s also a very painful hold because the wrestler’s big toes can only usually slip into the corners of the mouth by stretching the corners apart and tearing the lips painfully.

This is to say nothing whatsoever about the humiliation of having a bullying opponent torture you will pinning you by putting their bare toes into your mouth.


I was really sorry to see Marla go. She left Dani’s apartment in tears and I didn’t even have to ask whether or not she’d wrestle for me again. The full match in all it glory and horror is available here.